Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mean Girls

The cover of the January 16th issue of Us Weekly magazine broadcasts, “Diet Secrets of Lindsay, J. Lo & Others.” Interestingly, Lindsay Lohan has been featured several times before in the same magazine in spreads which focused on her extreme, unhealthy weight loss. Open to the story and we see Kate Hudson, who’s also been photographed and described by the same media as unnaturally skinny and unhealthy looking. The message? These stars look ill, and you can, too! In the same spread, a photo of Jessica Alba shows the star running in a bikini, looking absolutely gaunt, with a protruding clavicle, ribs, and pelvis. A caption reads, “Five times a week, Alba does 20 minutes each on the elliptical and bike, plus an hour of lunges and squats.” An hour of lunges and squats? Good God.

A week later, Lindsay Lohan appears on the cover of Vanity Fair (2/06). Inside, the topless Lindsay squirms in front of the camera, and she confesses of her stick-thin days, “I was making myself sick.” Bulimia. Great diet secret. Later, Lindsay publicly denied the story, suggesting that her words were misconstrued. However, the journalist who interviewed her, Evgenia Peretz, stands by her story.


PalmTreeChick said...

If she did an hour of lunges and squats her legs and ass would be huge!! One second of squats and lunges and mine are!

Anonymous said...

Its a misconception that strength training adds a lot of bulk to women. But she probably shouldn't do it 5 times a week... muscles need time to heal after that much work.