Monday, March 26, 2007

More on Fat and Thin

I came across this video on You Tube recently and think it captures some of our discussions on "fat" and "thin," while offering some adovacy tips. Enjoy!


PTC said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE her!! That was awesome. She's got a great personality. I wouldn't call her "fat" either.

Mal said...

What's interesting (and I'm not trying to be a bitch, here... just discussing) is that even though I'd guess that "she's not THAT fat" and "good personality" are exactly the types of reactions that the artist is trying to highlight (and... eliminate?), they are the first comments that showed up on your entry. It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

I will confess that when I saw it, I thought, "She's not THAT fat, her fat is well proportioned, and she's pretty".

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! I want to send it to ALL my friends, fat and thin alike. Mal, good point. I do think that's entirely the woman's point- I remember when people were wearing t-shirts that said "This is what 40 looks like". I think she's trying to say "this is what 'fat' looks like!"

Emily Jolie said...

Thanks for sharing this clip, Dr.Stace! It's fabulous and a fantastic reminder to live in the NOW, rather than make excuses for why we can't be happy until... (fill in the blank)!

Hope all is going well in NYC and Spring is in the air even there! (Haha, now I am even rhyming!)

lots of love,

azusmom said...

She's awesome! Fun and funny and smart and attractive and fat and cool. She's the kind of gal I want to hang out with.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome video.

I especially love how she points out that people usually think of 200lbs as some monstrous body, unable to get up off the couch or whatever. And then says she is 224lbs and her doctor considers her "moderately obese". The average person usually associates "obese" with the very large, headless person (in unflattering clothes) accompanying health-scare items in the media - not anyone real.

The negative comments posted in response on YouTube are so predictable - all "Surely everyone would be thin if they ate less and exercised more! This is absolute truth!"

Splice said...

Great Video!
The message she is getting across is one I agree with, "be happy in your own skin".

Anonymous said...

Wow! She's awesome! Such confidence. I can't imagine being so free at ANY size.

Lynn Dombrowski said...

That was awesome thanks for sharing that glorious you tube find.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love ;)

uforicdiva said...

That is so encouraging. I am a BBW that is learnign to become comfortable in the 'skin I am in'. It has been so difficult to undo all of the ways of thinking that I have accepted and felt terrible over the past lifetime. Not any more... I bought clothes that fit. I am all that! Look out world.... here I come. Thanks for your excerpt....

drstaceyny said...

ptc--me, too!

mal--you remind me of a scene from _When Harry Met Sally_, when Billy Crystal is setting up Bruno Kirby w/Meg Ryan, and Kirby asks abt Ryan. Crystal replies, "She has a good personality," to which Kirby answers, "Uh-oh, that means she's not attractive." Crystal says, "No, if you asked if she was attractive, and I said she had a good personality, then it might mean she's unattractive. She could be attractive with a good personality or unattractive with a good personality." So, could this woman have a good personality, outside of her weight? (wow, that was long-winded)


anon--good point.

ej--today, snow was in the air!

alyssa--me, too.

anon--very predictable.

splice--you're welcome.

sarah--she's a good model for that.

bg--; )

ud--good for you!