Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spotted Around Town

At a tea house under a menu item for Chrystanthemum tea: "known as the lady's cup of tea as it has a calming effect relieving emotions of anger and frustrations"

At a Dairy Queen store: "Ice cream is meant to be an indulgence."

And, on a bus stop advertisement for a storage facility: "Your closet's tinier than a runway model's lunch."


Icie said...

It's very pervasive, comments on weight are everywhere we look.

I love your site and appreciate your perspective as a clinical psychologist. I have a degree in psychology and eating disorders and body image has always been a research topic of interest to me as well!

I have added you as a link on my flaky/for fun blog related to body image.

Anonymous said...

Well.... I'm with Dairy Queen.

ps22 said...

I'm not sure how to take that "lady's cup of tea" ad. I'm assuming because you included it in this post the implication was that the cup of tea is for a lady because women need calming of their frustration and anger.

Maybe I'm overly-optimistic here, but could they have meant that the cup of tea is like a lady, in that it is calming to one who is angry and frustrated (emotions often associated with males). Just curious...

drstaceyny said...

icie--thanks! Glad to have you here. : )

anon--me, too, in a way. In fact, I was the one who spotted that there! My only concern, though, is in labeling foods as "healthy" or "indulgence" b/c then certain foods seem to take on too much weight.

ps--I went w/explanation #1, though I could be wrong.

littlem said...

The rest of the Chrysanthemum (did I spell that right?) tea sign could read:

"... resulting from the constant and unrelenting juxtaposition of Dairy Queen and Weight Watchers - or Burger King and Nutri System - or Arbys and Jenny Craig - signs other places in town."

PalmTreeChick said...

Ha, I just saw that add today and knew it looked/sounded familiar.