Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Consequnces of Eating Disorders

Here are the results from the first 100 respondents.  Note that numbers may exceed 100%, as it was possible to choose multiple responses. 

1. Gender:

Female: 98.0%

Male: 2.0%

2. I have been diagnosed with, or meet criteria for:

Anorexia Nervosa: 44.6%

Bulimia Nervosa:  35.6%

Binge Eating Disorder:  19.8%

Another Type of Eating Disorder:  32.7%

3. My parent or parents have experienced the following emotions as a result of my eating disorder:

Sadness:  54.5%

Anxiety:  56.4%

Anger:  38.6%

Guilt: 43.6%

Not sure: 19.8%

They didn't/don't know about it:  26.7%

4. My eating disorder has had the effect of:

Negatively impacting my parents' relationship:  17.8%

Positively impacting my parents' relationship:  7.9%

Causing them to separate:  1.0%

Not sure:  35.6%

Hasn't had an effect:  43.6%

5. My e.d. has had the effect of:

Positively impacting my relationship with a partner:  15.8%

Negatively impacting my relationship with a partner:  47.5%

Not sure:  14.9%

Not applicable:  29.7%

6. My e.d. has had the effect of:

Positively impacting my relationship with my child(ren): 1.0%

Negatively impacting my relationship with my child(ren):  6.9%

Not sure: 5.0%

Leading my child(ren) to have an e.d., too. 0.0%

Not applicable:  87.1%

7. For those who have a younger sibling(s) only: After I developed my e.d., my younger sibling:

Developed an e.d., too:  12.9%

Did not develop an e.d:  29.7%

Not sure:  14.9%

It's too early to tell:  6.9%

Not applicable:  35.6%

8. For those who have older siblings only: After I developed my e.d., my older sibling:

Developed an e.d., too. 0.0%

Did not develop an e.d.:  40.6%

Not sure:  20.8%

It's too early to tell:  3.0%

Not applicable: 35.6%

9. As a result of my e.d., family member(s) have:

Sought therapy and found it helpful for them to cope:  10.9%

Sought therapy and found it unhelpful:  5.0%

Have not sought therapy:  67.3%

Not sure:  18.8%

10. As a result of my e.d., family members:

Have sought out other resources (e.g., support groups) and found them helpful:  12.9%

Have sought out other resources and haven't found them helpful:  4.0%

Have not sought out other resources:  64.4%

Not sure:  20.8%

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golden (Rounder?) Globes

Have you all seen this

That's Fit weighs in. . . .

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Media Query

A producer from 20/20 contacted me about trends in eating disorders--they want to do a story about e.d.'s being "contagious" among friends, relatives.  Did you develop your e.d. after a friend or relative did?  Or, did someone follow you?  Here's the link, if you'd like to share your story on camera (please let them know how you found the link):

I'll have preliminary survey results soon!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Survey More

Don't you just love a short survey?  I've added more questions to flesh out the e.d./family issues survey I plan to present at an NYC conference in March. Please take the survey online (it's really quick) and forward to your contacts, if applicable. The survey link is:  E.D./Family Survey.

To give you a little bit of background, I commonly talk about how family members may (in part) influence the development of an eating disorder. We know that. But, not much research has examined what happens to a family as the result of an eating disorder. When I did a literature review using key words such as "family members" "coping," and "eating disorders" no articles came up! Clearly, more work needs to be done in this arena, but for now, there's my brief survey.  Did I mention how quick it is? Just 10 questions!

Ideally, I'd like over 100 responses to make the data meaningful. I'm going to hold off on posting until I meet that goal, so that this post stays on top. Yes, I do believe I'm holding my blog hostage.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Family Issue Polls

Hi--Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready to work for me! I'm giving a talk in a couple of months on family issues related to e.d.'s. at a day-long conference in NYC. Two of the questions I want to address are: What are the familial consequences of having an eating disorder? Did your parents argue more, split up? Did they experience their own mental health consequences (e.g., anxiety, depression)? Did they report feelings of guilt, sadness, anger? Did your e.d. in some way help the family? The other question has to do with e.d. comorbidity among siblings--if you had an e.d., did your sibling develop one, too? Did your e.d. follow a sibling struggling with one? Do you feel e.d.'s are "contagious" among siblings?

I've included two new polls on the side bar. Please vote and encourage your friends to, as well. I also would love to hear your comments about these topics and with your permission (of course, with identifying information removed), may share a couple of case studies in my talk. Thanks, in advance, for your help!