Tuesday, October 17, 2006

EWHAED Salutes Dove

See Dove's website for an interesting look at the transformation from girl-next-door to billboard-ready.

And, if you haven't seen this commercial already, it's a good one.


PalmTreeChick said...

That's a great commercial. It's somewhat sad because I can related to how those girls feel, but atleast the ending is good and I have a big bravo to Dove!

ps22 said...

Some time back I met a woman at a party who works in photography and often has to do much of the photoshopping for print ads. And despite knowing that most pictures are photoshopped, I was still surprised by the extent of photoshopping that goes on. I was also struck by the amount of guilt/torment she had about her role in this very issue. I felt bad for her...she was trying to find a new job, but was aware that she would likely encounter this wherever she worked in the future.

disordered girl said...

love those commercials...the true colors one makes me cry everytime!

Figuring It Out said...

Thank you Dove and thank you Dr. Stacey. I have been in recovery from an eating disorder and have made the "clinical" diagnosis transition from anorexia to EDNOS this past year. I am consciously and actively fighting hard (although my negative mind is still fighting back) to overcome this horrible, life threatening, life distroying disorder.

I wanted to let you know that I have been silently monitoring and reading your blog for some time, and it has been a big part of my dose of weekly, sometimes daily, strength in this battle. This particular posting today made me decide it was time to share that and time to share my gratitude.

What you put out on your website is important and I would recommend that you do more to get your website noticed on the internet to draw other women's attention to your daily dose of inspiration. It is my belief that it could help a lot of women rethink and re-imagine their relationship with food, dieting, and the media. With your permission, I would like to share it with some women I also talk to one a website posting called Conscious Eating/Conscious Living. The woman on that web thread are mostly ex-Weight Watchers member who now chose to listen to what their bodies tell them they need in terms of food, treat their bodies with respect, and were the original group to introduce me to Geneen Roth’s books (which you also link to on your site.)

Thank you again.

drstaceyny said...

ptc--me, too!

ps--sounds like a difficult dilemmma for her. It's always surprising the extent of this, like you say.

fio--thanks for reading, and I'm glad Dove brought out the comment in you! Please feel free to share my site w/others--the more readers the better (and selfishly, the greater likelihood that a generous, open-minded agent/publisher will take me on!) ; )