Tuesday, November 20, 2007


In the spirit of the season (for those of us in the States), check out Leslie Goldman's current article in Shape magazine. If you remember, I interviewed Leslie back in September, and her book, Lockerroom Diaries, appears on my sidebar to the right.

And, some thanks to all of you:

1) For reading and providing me a consistent audience toward the goal of eventually getting this book published

2) For your thoughtful, frank, and insightful comments

3) For the fact that I've actually been able to meet some of my readers (and may, in the future, even meet more!)

4) For your continuing to challenge me to clarify my ideas

5) For serving as a large, internet-based support group: Recently, I attended a group therapy training (as someone who typically leads 4-5 groups per week, I feel that it's important to continue to hone my skills). During the training, I kept reflecting on my readership and how it approximates a live support or therapy group--how you influence one another (and me) with supportive, but honest, feedback; how you are able to express your feelings and ideas so articulately; how you, through this blog (and its many sisters) have helped develop a community that is loving, respectful and working to empower each other and ourselves.

For this, I thank you. . .


LG said...

Thank YOU so much, Dr. Stacey, for helping to "re-shape" the way I think about food, weight and self acceptance. Your posts have encouraged me many many times!

PalmTreeChick said...

And we thank YOU, Doc! I always enjoy reading!

dawn said...

De-lurking to say thank you for doing this blog. I enjoy reading it very much.

Sarah said...

thank YOU, Dr. Stacey!