Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Calling All Orthorexia Commenters!

So, remember the orthorexia post I wrote, in which I mentioned I was contacted by several media outlets? One of them was ABC--they're working on a piece on orthorexia for 20/20. My ABC contact read the post (and your helpful comments) and is particularly interested in speaking to:

1) Anna
2) Emily
3) Fauve
4) Rachel

If you happen to be one of these people, please shoot me an email at drstaceyny(at)aol.com if you'd like to get in contact w/ABC. He reassures me that all communications will remain confidential until agreed upon otherwise.



Maggie Miller said...

I would be happy to comment on orthorexia as well, if the producer needs another perspective. If so, s/he can email me at maggie@eatwhenyourehungry.com.


Orthorexia Treatment said...

We're happy to help with any orthorexia comments as well. You're doing a great job already, but just let us know if there's anything we can do to help! I wrote an article on Orthorexia & put the link in my name in case you want to give it a read. Keep up the great work~

rachel [at] casapalmera.com

Steven said...

Dr. Stacy,

Do you work with people with orthorexia? I frequently have people contacting me for someone in their area to help them.

BTW, I don't make any claim at all that orthorexia is/should be a DSM diagnosis. I coined the word as a way to gently tease my patients who were too self-righteous and obsessed about their diet. (I was an alternative medicine practitioner at the time, and so I had a lot of such patients.)

I only found out _after_ writing the book that people could actually die from something that resembles the concept. It was really rather shocking, not to mention painful, especially as my book on the subject is more or less humorous throughout.

Anyway, I'm interested in your interest in orthorexia. Personally, I've moved on to other things, but still ... I have a certain parental attachment to the word, so to speak.

Steve Bratman

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the show is airing August 1st.

Steve Bratman

Steven Bratman said...

Supposedly, it's going to air August 1st.

Steve Bratman