Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ending Fat Talk

Check out this new video from the sorority, Delta Delta Delta.

Love it.


Gayle said...

Incredible video. Thanks for sharing!

zubeldia said...

Wonderful! Thanks.

Ali Kerr said...

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ps22 said...

Wow, as a former Tri-Delt, I feel a little proud. I think this an ideal topic of concern on which sororities can focus there philanthropic efforts.

tara said...

It's ok to not want to be fat. It isn't even uncommon in the fatosphere. Just recently prominent Fat activist Sara Anderson of F-words said "I started taking a drug for ADD, to improve my ability to concentrate, and have to confess that I really liked the appetite suppression side effect that has worn off by now. Lunch was never that great anyway, and I lost a fair amount of weight."

Sure you may be no longer welcome here after you lose weight but you are not alone in not wanting to be fat; even in the fatosphere.

WeightingGame said...

that was very powerful. Especially when put in the context of "more women suffer from ED than breast cancer." Thanks for sharing...

Shaina said...

The only thing I don't like about the video is that it focuses on women as the source of the problem, not social influence and pressure. The basic message seems to be "We have all the freedom and equality in the world, so stop being silly girls!" It's not so much empowering as it is shaming to me. This video should be directed toward men, not women.

pangsofbeaut said...

just makes me smile that it's a tri-delt funded vid since sororities are mostly comprised of girls with EDs.

i go to IU, where greek is a BIG deal. tri-delts on my campus are tiny, blonde, and rich.

and in the words of one of my friends in KKG, 'i've never had to be so perfect before! there's SO much pressure. it's like, i HAVE to go tanning or else"

ya... that's um... yay tridelts for funding a vid that's such a good idea. but i guarantee the girls aren't going to apply it.

not that i'm saying sorority sisters are hypocritical, but i feel like most 'campaigns' have good intentions, but... they never get anywhere :(