Monday, June 01, 2009

Calling All Tri-Staters!

Time sensitive query for those in the NY area:

There is a reporter doing research for a New York City based publication about menu labeling and calorie counting. She will be interviewing me for the story and asked that I connect her with a few people who were impacted negatively by menu labeling. They must be NYC/tri-state area based, willing to first email me your thoughts about how it affected you and also your email address and name with an understanding that you may be interviewed for a story. Please contact me at drstaceyny at gmail dot com if you'd like to be a part of this story.


Jose Emerson said...

Search for google "Thank God I Had an Eating Disorder",this is a true story that a human being is suffering on eating disorder and overcome it...85

Emmalee said...

every woman does NOT have an ED. EDs are genetic, prolonged, CHEMICAL, and not about weight, calories or body image.

i appreciate your platform, but a thin obsessed society does not an ED make.

it's like saying that EVERYONE is clinically depressed because they get the blues sometimes.


Emmalee said...

wait. more. eating disorders actually have NOTHING to do with weight/shape/food.

i think you need to do more research before you make the kinds of claims that are stated in your blg title.

again, as a feminist, i salute you. but as someone with a clinical diagnosis, i am really insulted, that you think my disease is about the media, or losing a few pounds.

April said...

I love your blog, really, I do, but I am so horrified by the fact that you oppose giving people information in the form of calories on menus.

It's information! That people can use to improve their health. What's next... banning nutrition information on food labels because they may be triggering? Some tiny percentage of the population has a real, clinical eating disorder... should the rest of us be deprived of information we can use in a healthy way to make informed decisions about what we put in our bodies just in case maybe someone with an eating disorder has a problem with seeing that food has calories?

Apparently so...


drstaceyny said...

Emmalee--see my side bar for my take on EWHAED. ED's are genetically influenced, but they arise from a confluence of factors, including societal norms. They are ultimately not (all) abt weight/shape/food, as you suggest, but that's the presentation, so in working w/those who struggle w/e.d.'s, we have to do a lot of cognitive restructuring around these areas.

April--calorie posting might work for you (someone who is bright, educated, doesn't have a tendency to binge, understands that there are more nutrients about which to be concerned besides calories), but my belief is that it doesn't work for most. See below for my rationale:

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Hi, a blog reader of mine referred me over here- I had a big issue with Starbucks last year over their Peachy Apple Tart. I named it "Tart Gate". It's covered extensively in my blog and I even appeared in a piece on CBS news earlier this year. If it's not too late, let me know!

Barney said...

I wish I was NY Tri-state. What a joke how I was affected by labeling. Um how about how it added to the Ph.D. I earned in Dieting... Lovely blog. I am The Un Diet Coach, helping women STOP dieting for life to find their "Skinny" and love their bodies.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I'm linking you now cause I love your posts ( I look forward to reading more in the future!

Mary Kate said...

No one in my family had an ED so not sure how they are genetic or "prolonged" or chemical? Have you read the blog enough to understand Dr. Stacey's rationale? I found her blog when she was writing one post per day and it helped me work through a lot of my issues.
I don't think we need to take off nurtional labels either because I believe it does help...but I have many friends who do not have an ED that do see the calorie content and end up eating more because of the "self-defeat" feeling it brings. That probably doesn't make sense but I think you get what I am saying.

Anonymous said...

love your blog, and would love to see you come back soon :)

Marissa said...

I also agree with Emmalee, I read your side bar, but according the DSM. I still think that having been diagnosed with an eating disorder is different from being self-conscious/obsessive over weight. My eating disorder fits with DSM criteria, is that not relevant? Treating a person with an ED requires professional help and for me, groups of women suffering in the same particular way.

I'm not denying that there are some really messed up views of what "pretty" is in America, and I think that most middle to upper class white women could have the potential to have disordered eating, but there is a difference.

And the primary demographic of those suffering from eating disorders are middle to upper class white women, I think you are leaving out people from lower socio-economic status who's concerns about food only revolve around whether or not they will have enough to not starve. Also, different elasticities struggle much less with disordered eating due to their connection with their own culture and their detachment from ours.

There are many things to take into account before making a sweeping statement like the one you have made.

April said...

Dr Stacey,

It's Labor Day. Your summer break is over. Please return to posting! We miss you!