Monday, May 17, 2010

Look Alive, Men!

New York Magazine recently revealed that British company, Rootstein, which makes mannequins, is set to launch "Homme Nouveau," a new men's mannequin sporting a 27-inch-waist.  The more slenderized version of the 1994 model is suggested to reflect, and likely worsen, a more unrealistic male body standard. 

Do you see men as devloping a more negative body image over time?  Are they, in a game with no clear winner, catching up?


Charles said...

I'm a man.

I am bulimic.

I hate the way I look.

So, yes.

azusmom said...

In a word, yes. I TOTALLY see that! The rise in plastic surgery for men shows us that men are certainly not immune to the pressure.

I wish it would stop!

Charles said...

I think the biggest challenge is that male eating disorders are under-reported... it's such a social taboo. I was closeted, so to speak, in regards to my eating disorder for a long time. In a life where everything else about me, right wrong or indifferent, was common knowledge to my confidants, my bulimia remained my secret.

H. said...

Jeeze, why? Is a 27 inch waist for guys even desirable? Maybe, but since a lot of women even strive for that waist it seems unnatural for a man to have it. But then I'm only well versed in "ideal" female measurements.

It does seem like men are getting more pressure, but it would have different nuances than women's issues, especially as Charles pointed out there is such a stigma and taboo around males and body image/ ED problems...after all it's just a teenage girls problem right (I'm being sarcastic).

Carole said...

My 14 year old son is just finishing up nearly a year of treatment for anorexia nervosa at Stanford University. They literally saved his life. But his pathway to anorexia was this super-fit ideal that is out there. It obviously doesn't grab every man/boy, but it does have its victims.