Thursday, October 07, 2010

You're Invited!

Welcome back, DEWHAED readers!  I'm up to some exciting new things. . . including planning a weekend-long seminar to address what we talk about here.  Save the date for:

Lose the diet.
Love your body.
Eat in peace.

When:  The weekend of January 21st
Where:  The beautiful Berkshires
Why:     Finally addressing your eating/body issues; an opportunity to connect with like-minded folk; a year's worth of therapy in 48 hours; a chance for me to meet and eat with you all!

Hope you all are enjoying your season. . .  crisp apples and hot drinks. . .  cozying up again in sweaters or flannels or Snuggies and for a moment, maybe just a moment, honoring and enjoying the body that is yours. . . .


Ashley said...

That sounds fantastic! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

onlyme said...

We have a Berkshire in the UK but I assume you don't mean that?!

azusmom said...

(Well, seeing as it's 82 degrees here today, we're not quite ready for the snuggies, lol!)

I would LOVE to attend this! It sounds amazing! Plus, I lived and worked in the Berkshires for 3 wonderful years (if there's anything going on at Shakespeare & Company at that time, my Alma Mater, it's definitely worth checking out). Unfortunately, I now live in CA and won't be able to make it.
Maybe next year?

Emily Jolie said...

Wow, I checked in just at the right time! Great to see you back, Dr.Stace, and your retreat sounds amazing! I'd love to join in! Alas, it will be in spirit this time, as I'll be gearing up (and saving up!) for a trip to New Zealand in February.

Hope all is well in your NY world!

Rose-rehab said...

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Old Bray said...

I just found your blog, and I read through it all in a couple hours. I decided to seek treatment for my eating disorder this fall, and reading about other struggles helps me so, so much. Thank you.