Thursday, December 02, 2010

More on Moore

I recently came across this update on singer-actress, Mandy Moore.  I'm happy whenever stars speak out about having (or coming to) a healthy relationship with food (especially if it's true!), so I was excited to read this news.

And then it struck me:  The fact that Mandy Moore allows herself to eat a hamburger now and then is news.  I haven't heard much about her work these days, and until this article, I didn't even know she wed.  Yet, the people over at People believe that the most compelling feature about Moore is what she puts between her lips.

Are they right?


Charbelle said...

People's article today was on Natlie Portman eating carbs again...
Perhaps it's more magnified now because we all have SO MUCH ACCESS all the time. The one I feel for most of all, is Kate Middleton!!!

I Hate to Weight said...

i think it's good that we see that Mandy Moore is happier eating than dieting.

the thing i never get -- stars say they "used to be" restrictive about food but now they're not. but their weight stays the same.

i want to know "how" they do it. How are they less restrictive, more open-minded AND at the weight they want to be -- which looks strikingly like the weight they used to be?

overall, when women say they've recovered -- what helped them, how do they keep up the new, healthy mind-set, do they have set-backs?

it always seems like "poof, i'm better"

Maya said...

Hey, I Hate to Weight, I thought my coworkers and I were the only ones to notice that!
Our heads go back and forth between early and current pics of these celebs and we say, "Wait...what the...?"
And the fact that they feel the need to talk about eating in relation to weight and not nutrition I think shows a
bad relationship with food.

azusmom said...

I was thinking about this yesterday, in terms of Natalie Portman. Hardly anyone asks her how she prepared for the role acting-wise; it's all about how she LOST 20 POUNDS for the role!!!! And it's GREAT advice for young girls on the road to an ED! (eye roll)

Every interview with a young actress (and, more and more, young men) focus on their diets and workout regimen. when I was an actress in L.A. I often thought that if many of these other aspiring actors put as much time into their acting as they did at the gym, they'd be brilliant performers. But I also understood the pressure to look a certain way.
And it's only gotten worse.
Personally I'd like to see every actor/actress/starlet etc. REFUSE to talk about diet/exercise in interviews. To just say "nope. Sorry. I'm here to talk about my work, not what goes on my plate. That's personal."
Not gonna happen, but a girl can dream, right?

Jessi said...

I find it a little bit terrifying that Mandy Moore also says "I've just realized in time that if [being fit] a constant thread in the background of my life, that's when I'm the happiest and that's when I feel the best about myself."

Does that mean it's never ok to not think about being fit? What message does that send?