Thursday, December 22, 2011

(Photo)shopping for the Holidays

New H&M Catalog Features Model With No Face

By now, you've probably heard about H & M's recent advertising snafu, in which the Swedish retailers plugged real-life faces on computer-generated bodies.  The story was exposed earlier this month.

And what about the notorious Faith Hill photoshopping job on Redbook magazine?

Revealed several years back, the side-by-side comparison spoke volumes about what the industry will do to sell a star.

But, in all of this, we're reminded of what this re-imaging does for the every woman--setting an unrealistic, unattainable standard.  H & M models do not exist in reality.  Not even Faith Hill can look like Faith Hill. Let's continue to expose the myths that fuel the fire.  It's so important that we do.

Happy holidays. . .

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