Monday, August 12, 2013

Attention Long-time Readers!

Remember when I posted years ago asking for story submissions?  For those of you who so kindly sent me your stories, would you please send me your updated contact info? (to drstaceyny AT gmail DOT com).  I'd like to get formal permission to use them for the book.

Others:  want to share your story with the world?  Feel free to send to me!

Also, check out my new list of links (Sites I Like) to the right for helpful content on eating disorders, food, and weight.

And, for those who want a good laugh, check out this video, courtesy of Amy Schumer, which addresses in hyperbolic fashion how many women just can't seem to take a compliment (apologies for the profanity).


Meliss said...

do you have an specifics for submissions? funny, i was recently wondering what was going on with your book! this is very exciting. hope it's going well!

drstaceyny said...

Meliss--no specifics, just your story related to food/weight. I posted a number of them between 2006-2009 if you want to search the archives. Stay tuned for some announcements on the book!