Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Should She Rebel?

It looks like Aussie export Rebel Wilson is getting the full-court press by the diet industry, as companies bid to have her crowned their newest weight-loss spokesperson.

Wilson, praised for her comedic talent and now the star of her own show, is apparently set to encounter tons of money if she signs on to endorse one of these plans.

Should she do it for the money (who's the biggest loser, then?) or say no, I'm happy and successful the way I am?


I Hate to Weight said...

if she is uncomfortable with her body and chooses to lose weight, that's her choice.

however, i'd rather not see her do it publicly. i'd hate to see her defined by her weight.

Angharad said...

I hope she doesn't succumb to this form of bullying by society. If she's happy with herself the way she is, then there is no need to do anything to change herself for the benefit of the diet industry.

Nicole Marie Story said...

She's definitely a chubberoni and should absolutely take advantage of financial incentive to lose weight! I would! If nothing else, it shall make her a healthier person. Perhaps even happier!