Thursday, January 24, 2008

New York News

Congratulations to the now-famous members of this community, Shapely Prose, Big Fat Deal, fat fu, and The Rotund, who were recently featured in The New York Times "Health" section. Well done!

And, elsewhere in NY:

Spotted on a coffee mug: "Food has replaced sex in my life. Now I can't even get into my own pants."

And, on a greeting card: "Some women can eat all the cake and ice cream they want and never gain a pound. And they are called bitches. Happy Birthday"


vesta44 said...

Ya know, at one time I would have found those funny. Now, I just think it's sad that people can't love themselves as they are and feel the need to put themselves, and others, down for their weight, or lack of it.

Rachael said...

The first one did make me laugh... only because of the creative use of the phrase "in my pants"

The Rotund said...

"In my pants" did make me laugh as well - but I'm 12-years-old like that. *laugh*

Anonymous said...

what's the difference between calling a woman a "bitch" because she's thin and a "pig" because she's fat? snarky labels divide us. period.