Monday, October 26, 2009

Model Eating

So, yes, it's come to this. At a Parisian runway show, Givenchy posted this sign backstage. A step in the right direction?

But what about Filippa? By now, you've heard of Filippa Hamilton, the former Ralph Lauren model, who was fired for being too big. Hamilton stands 5-foot-10-inches, weighs 120 pounds, and wears a Size 4 (and likely would be a smaller size if not for her height). According to the story, Filippa was axed because she wasn't able to fit into the designer's (industry's) standard sample sizes.

So, models, like the rest of us are hearing the message loud and clear: Eat some, but not too much; be skinny, but don't pass out.

What's a model to do?


ashleybrook said...

My agency just wants models to be healthy.

littlem said...

What I love most is the ambiguity of the sign.
" ... haven't eaten before ..."
Before what? Before the show? Before last year? Before they turned 14?

And somehow I can't think it's an accident.
But then again I can be cynical like that.

(Psst - congratulations on your Wellsphere citation, Dr. S! I certainly would have mentioned it before this; I just haven't been here for awhile.)

April said...

Hey girl...

You're so right. As is often the case.

Glad to see you blogging. Please return to frequent posting!


I Hate to Weight said...

Eat and be skinny. Crazy making.

Why do designer clothes have to be so small???? NO ONE is naturally that thin.

ss2306 said...

Love your blog. Just found it.


kasondra said...

i think this is a great idea!

Ms Luey said...

A step in the right direction, I guess. But it set off another one of my pet peeves. These are WOMEN, not girls. Even the teenagers - they are performing as professionals in a professional show. They are women.

Fashion wants women to remain girls, with the dimensions of prepubescents. The word "women" conjures up someone with hips and breasts (even though women come in all shapes, including naturally skinny).