Wednesday, October 26, 2011

America the Beautiful 2

Have you seen it?  I went to the Hollywood premiere a couple of weeks ago, and Darryl Roberts, the filmmaker, was there, along with several members of the cast, and all were available for a Q & A!

It isn't ground-breaking, but it does bring more, much-needed attention to eating disorders and our national focus on obesity.

And, speaking of fighting stigmas against weight and shape, try this one on for size:

The editor writes:

"I'm seeking personal essay submissions from women who have made strides in overcoming societal stigma around body size/weight and who now love/feel positive about their curvy/chubby/fat bodies. The submission deadline is quickly approaching. . . . I am offering contributors of accepted submissions $50."  

Because if you're going to fight this stigma, you may as well earn some cash in the process!

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