Thursday, September 27, 2012

L.A. Woman

(from Los Angeles magazine)

The current issue of Los Angeles magazine has an 18-page spread on plastic surgery.  The cover story beckons:  "Say Hello to the New You. . . "

And what exactly does the new you look like, if you happen to live in L.A.?
One piece, entitled, "Meet the New L.A. Ideal" discusses the features of the new and improved Beverly Hills housewife, whom writer Nancy Miller says is less Pamela Anderson, more Sofia Vergara.  Think long, full hair; bigger facial features; mid-size breasts; and, owing to Sir Mix-A-Lot, an Oakland booty.

Is Miller's prototype on point?  How does the ideal woman (as judged by the plastic surgery procedures du jour)  in your city compare?

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Thanks for the posts.

Leigh Purtill said...

I think the comments on the article show how the "average" person interprets this: they (we) all know plenty of women who have fit this body type for years - and they are still being ignored. This writer is clearly addressing white women only. I think most feminists will agree that we can only make progress as a gender/culture/species when women stop marginalizing other women.