Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Jenni, Jenni, Who Can I Turn To?

A couple of months back, I received an email from Jenni Schaefer, Author of Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me.  She and a colleague had stumbled across my blog and asked me to elaborate on my DEWHAED theory.  

We exchanged a few messages, and then I asked her what she thought of the DEWHAED philosophy, to which she replied:
Everyone living in Western society hears that negative voice that tells us our bodies aren't good enough. After fully recovering from my eating disorder, I choose to call that voice Societal Ed -- society's eating disorder. What I have learned is that all people might hear that voice, but we don't all have to listen. I choose not to listen anymore!*
Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Jenni and to hear her speak.  She's a great speaker, funny, informative, and warm.  And check out this amazing poem she wrote.  Can you make these words your own?  Can you turn to and honor this voice, rather than the voice of Societal Ed?

*Jenni Schaefer, Author of Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Mewww.JenniSchaefer.com


Anonymous said...

I would love to make these words my own. I am trying.
Thank you for this blog! It feels like a voice of reason and comfort whenever I read a post.

Anonymous said...

Want to say thanks for this blog..