Monday, October 26, 2015

Anna's Law and Eating Disorder Lobby Day

"My insurance is cutting out."

That dreaded sentence professionals fear most.

When I first began doing this work, I was struck by the irony of hoping someone would become more symptomatic so her insurance company would authorize her to get help. . . that someone already receiving care would continue to struggle so that her insurance would keep paying for the care she so desperately needed. Even then, her insurance might cut funds for lack of sufficient progress. It's the Catch-22 of health insurance. Do well and they cut off. Don't do well enough and encounter the same risk. 

I've seen patients denied access to care because they aren't sick enough. I've seen insurance cut out when patients most need support. And I've seen insurance refuse to pay when patients and families are struggling to finance a physically, emotionally, and fiscally debilitating illness.

Something has to change.

The Anna Westin Act of 2015, also known as Anna's Law, was introduced by Kitty Westin, who lost her daughter to anorexia. Kitty's advocacy efforts focus on holding insurance companies accountable for paying for eating disorder care. To learn more about why we need Anna's Law, click here.

Tomorrow marks the final 2015 eating disorder lobby day. If you can't be in Washington this week, you can still do something. Donate, write a letter, contact your state's insurance commissioner when an insurance company refuses to pay. Help a growing movement gain momentum toward the goal of making eating disorder treatment accessible and affordable for all.

You can find Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? Challenging Our Nation's Fixation with Food and Weight on Amazon (as a paperback and Kindle) and at


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Meliss said...

Thank you for this.

Steven Keltsch said...

I actually did not know that there was a lack of eating disorder coverage until I read your blog entry. I cannot understand how this would not be covered. I mean after all, it seems quite beneficial to help someone get better from a life threatening condition such as this. Then again, there are so many health related issues that are not covered it is unbelievable.

Steven Keltsch @ Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.

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