Friday, August 18, 2006


I'm 82 posts into my 100-post, daily (weekday) goal (yes, this one counts!), and I thought I'd take a moment to reflect, as well as to ask for feedback.

Starting out, I made two conscious decisions (well, at least two, let’s hope) in designing this blog. Number one, I decided I wouldn’t sell out to Google. Not because I wouldn’t like the money that would come with your every click—I would. But, you know exactly what would happen if I signed up for Ad Sense—in no time, you’d see ads on my site for diet pills, weight-loss gimmicks, and a host of other products designed to make you feel bad about yourself. Not here.

Second, I’ve purposely withheld information about my current weight or shape, as well as pictures of myself. My thinking here is that I don’t want to align myself with fat or thin, or with any other point on the body size continuum. Part of the motivation for this book is to illustrate how widespread eating problems are, and how they affect (and unite) us, big and small. This struggle belongs to all of us.

As I'm turning the final corner for my daily-post goal (after 100, I'll still post, though likely not with the same consistency), I have a couple of thoughts that I might like to explore the next several weeks. To start, I am forever grateful for your thoughtful comments. They've helped me to solidify many of my ideas, as well as to engender new ones. That said, I encourage those readers who read regularly but haven't commented to speak up--I'd love to hear from you.

Given the interesting questions that regularly come up in the comments section, I'm thinking about devoting one day a week to a Q & A process. If you'd like to ask a question, please email me directly, and I'll compile and present them once a week. Questions could be personal, general, about you, about me, about anything. . . . You know the (disclaimer) drill--what I write shouldn't subsitute for face-to-face contact with a trained professional.

I'm also considering the idea of allowing a couple of regular readers to guest-post about their experiences related to food/weight. Let me know, again, by email, if you'd like to participate. Related to this, if you like to tell your "story," please let me know if I might contact you re: "appearing" in my manuscript (with all identifying information removed, of course).

Within the month, I'll be submitting some of my work to agents (yes, now I've committed myself to a deadline!), so please let me know if you have any feedback (what you liked/haven't liked), as I pull together various posts.

Again, thank you so much for all your insights. I hope that some of the ideas presented here have been as helpful to you as you've been to me. . . .


PalmTreeChick said...

You go girl. I'm sad to see that you will be "leaving" us soon. I love reading your blog, and I know many others do as well. What am I going to look forward to everyday? ;)

I like the Q & A idea.

Jennifer said...

Dr. Stacey,
I really do hope that you'll continue to post, even if on a more irregular basis. It's been a true joy to have some place to come and read/discuss the myriad of ED-related topics that seem to be constantly on my mind. If ever I can help you in any way, I do hope you'll let me know. And I hope we can all convince you to maintain a stable blog presence into the future. I suspect you'll find you'd otherwise be dearly, dearly missed. Thanks again for your thoughtful contributions.

Sarah said...

I'm posting for the first time to say that I very much enjoy your writing and the topic. Not very many people self-publishing on the web are as articulate and grounded in reality as you are, especially when it comes to the topic of eating disorders.

Do you what you have to do, but I too hope you continue to post regularly. Good luck with your deadline.

Anonymous said...

wait...this is gonna end?!?

flowerchild said...

don't go! don't go!
First, it is lovely that you didn't sell out to GOOGLE. Very respectful of us.
Second, I never wondered about your size or shape, I guess. Somehow I just figured you looked like my previous ED psychologist. Why? I don't really know.
Third, how do we email you directly?

Teacher lady said...

I think NOT posting your weight/physical description is a very astute thing. We're humans and we judge based on appearances (whether we think we do or not.) Plus, I imagine, people have different standards for you, being in a helping profession relating to eating disorders. (Believe me, I get it. People have a DEFINITE idea of what a "sex educator" should look like - and I DON'T look like Pam Anderson or Jenny McCarthy). I like the Q&A and guest writers idea. Go for both!

Anonymous said...

i woud love to be a guest writer. something i've beenn thiinkinng about doinng is compiling an essay strutured around excerpts from the journals i've kept throughout my e.d. and still keep in recovery. yay! (i'll delete this comment in a few days because i don't really like my email being up here)

Bex said...

I have loved reading your blog, it has not only given me a lot to think about but has also been the motivation for many discussions with others (some even rather heated ones). Thank you for providing us with a blog that allows us to be and relate to others as more than just a number on the scales or an ED!

drstaceyny said...

To all--a big, fat, "Thanks!" I'm not going away, though I do need to slow down the pace (come 100). What started out as a 50-post goal turned into 75. . . and then 100. I can't see the daily posting continuing indefinitely b/c I also have to focus on my clients, my teaching, sending out my query letters, and. . . me!

ptc--I won't be leaving, just not posting as frequently.

jennifer--that's so nice to hear.

sarah--I'm glad you've enjoyed reading. Let's hope my ideas about getting this published are similarly "grounded in reality." ; )

anon--not end, just slow down a bit.

fc--my email is on my about/profile page. I look exactly like your previous psychologist. ; )

tl--you're right, we absolutely judge on appearance. You mean, you don't look like Pam Anderson? ; )

anon--thanks for offering to help.

bex--you're welcome. I think anything that promotes discussion (even heated discussion) is good, so I'm glad my writing has helped in that regard.