Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You Could Learn a Lot from a Puppet

Cookie Monster seems to have it down. The newly appointed healthy-foods ambassador (a cookie is a “sometimes food”) offers a good example of mindful eating. A recent issue of Metro (a New York daily) features an interview with the furry, blue, cookie-loving puppet.

Cookie Monster instructs us how to eat a cookie:
You got to eat cookies like this: You pick up the cookie. Look at it. You smell the cookie. It smell delicious usually and then you just go for it like this: AHHMNUMNUMNUMNUMNUM. The more crumbs, the better. Me teach you how to eat cookie professional way.
His message is funny, and grammatically questionable (in classic Cookie Monster style), but highlights some critical features of intuitive eating—allowing yourself to indulge in what you enjoy and making eating a complete sensory experience.

When asked about variety in his diet, Cookie Monster reports: “Me no ever only ate cookies. Me eat everything. Me eat you know, bicycle, fire hydrant, table, chair. Me love cookies but me also eat vegetables.”

Everything in moderation. . .


Stacy said...

As a mom of a toddler, I know all about Cookie monster. He has such, maybe he should come out with a nutritional book.

Jen said...

Not to mention that he doesn't actually eat those cookies ;) The crumbs go aflyin' but nothing actually makes it down his throat, lol.

christie said...

Yeah, Jen is right. Maybe if we all had someone's hand doing our eating for us we could stay skinny too :)

I don't know about him writing a book on nutrition. Although I'm sure "The Cookie Diet" would attract a LOT of hungry women :) But if he went with, say, "Fire Hydrants for Fat Loss", maybe not so popular.

Cute post, thanks for sharing!

blubbah said...

On the one hand, I totally get what you're saying.

On the other hand, I am intrinsically offended by (not yours, but Sesame Street's) making Cookie Monster a mindful eater. That goes against all that Cookie Monster is! They are retroactively changing my childhood! AAAAGH!

(Ahem. Sorry.)

drstaceyny said...

stacy--he does have a lot of wisdom. I'm sure the nutritional book is right around the bend.

jen--so, that's how he keeps his weight in check! ; ) Thanks for reading (I think this is your first comment.)

christie--thanks. Good title idea--if I decide against EWHAED, I'll use that as back-up. ; )

blubbah--mine, too. Poor symbol of indulgence had to become a PSA. . .

Haley-O said...

Omigosh! Me think this is one of your best posts! (well...all your posts are great!!!) This is fantastic. ME LOVE Cookie Monster, now. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

stephanie said...

I always knew Cookie Monster was a genius!



drstaceyny said...

Thanks, H!

S--Me, too!

Jessica said...

This is not nearly as bad as I imagined the new "Cookie Monster" would be when I first heard about how they were going to make him more food-conscious. I love it. I think the combination of sensory delight and a "balanced diet" that includes fire hydrants is precious.