Friday, September 08, 2006

Google Me This

Coming up on my last week of daily posts, I thought it would be interesting to explore how people found my blog, since when I started out, I only shared the site with a handful of colleagues, family, and friends. As such, I’ve been periodically tracking the Google searches that have landed readers here. Many of them relate to celebrity diet/weight concerns:
-Is Mandy Moore getting fat?
-Beyonce Knowles’ recent weight-loss secret
-Katherine Heigl bra size
-Jessica Alba eating disorder squats
-Jamie Sigler eating disorder
-Katie Couric fat arms
We also seem to be very interested in celebrity dress sizes, including the sizes of some of the aforementioned stars, as well as others.

One of the more popular searches that lands people at my site?
-Woman eating shit
So. . . uh. . . I have absolutely no idea what to say here.

Other searches focus on dieting and eating-disorder tips and techniques:
-What WW members eat
-Non-purging bulimia
-Starve and barf
-Bingeing restrictions
-How to hide an eating disorder
In fact, many are of the pro-ana/pro-mia variety. I can’t even count the number of searches for these terms. I also can’t imagine the disappointment in trying to find a pro-ana site and getting stuck with me. We seem, overall, to be very interested in anorexia and the disappearance of flesh.
-Anorexic 75-lb woman
-Freudian anorexic pregnancy
-Ballerina anorexic images
-47-pound anorexic ballerina
-Anorexic role models
And, the most harrowing query to date?
-How little can a woman weigh and still live


PalmTreeChick said...

Yeah, I'd be pretty pissed if I stumbled upon your site if I was searching for a pro-ana site, BUT, if I took the time to read it I know I would be happy that I did. There's nothing worse than not finding the site you're searching. I'm SO happy I found yours though!!

So, how do you google to see the searches for your blog?

Jennifer said...

Wow. Just "Wow." I don't even know what to say. I think I found your blog by searching for support for my binge eating disorder. So at least you know one person got here via a safer (more sane?) route! ;-)
Thanks, as always, for the great posts!

PalmTreeChick said...

PS, in case that wasn't clear, I was NOT searching for a pro-ana site when I found your blog!! Found it via our friend M.

flowerchild said...

I found your site when I read another women's blog about addiction. She wrote about how disgusted she was with Dakota Fannings rape scene (that was mentioned in your blog). I went to your site from there....

BarBarA said...

I like your site and just found it the other day via a link on someone else's blog - can't remember who's. Are you able to see who links to you? If so that would tell you a lot about how your readers found you.

pinkcat said...

wow! HOW LITTLE CAN A WOMAN WEIGH AND STILL LIVE???? That is just so painful to read. It is so self destructive. I'd think that you have to be in so much mental pain to want to do that to yourself. If a person with that kind of focus could harness it and put it to use for society, oh the things she could accomplish. It makes me want to weep at the waste of these girls lives.

Joyce said...

You found ME through a post I wrote called "Lady Lust". I've been intriqued with your blog, read it regularily, and meant to send you something when you asked for personal testimonials. Somehow the insecure, disordered remnant in me prevented me from getting around to it.
Best of luck with your book!

Beth said...

I found your site through a link on PTC's blog, I think. I like to visit because sometimes I beleive the more educated I get about this or discuss with enlightened people, the closer I am to recovery. Not sure of that reasoning's accuracy, but I love the controversy, depth, and reality of your blog material. It has to be more theraputic than visiting TMZ I'm guessing.

drstaceyny said...

ptc--Sitemeter. Thanks, I'm glad you found me, too. : )

jennifer--thank you. . .

ptc--it was clear. I remember you saying you found my site through someone I knew.

fc--yeah, pretty disturbing. . .

barbara--thanks. I've been compiling a list of those who link to me (that I'm aware of) and will post this week--good idea!

pc--I know, very sad.

joyce--that's right, though I can't remember how I found you! Rereading your post, I think I may have done a search for some of the stats you listed. I'm glad I found you--and thanks for the well-wishes.

beth--that reasoning makes perfect sense.

Haley-O said... interesting....and so disturbing....

aprilmae said...

I found you through a recommendation on a yahoo forum called either diet survivors or intuitive eating support... I was a member of both... I enjoy reading your blog... very intruiging topics... For the first time in my life I'm happy with who I am, I'm not dieting, and guess what?! I am not thin! WOO HOO! *giggle*

Teacher lady said...

I was going to post something funny about the weird search terms people use and find their way to blogs (mine are scary) but the last search term almost made me cry. How sad.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site today when I searched for "Lohan eating disorder."

It started when I was watching a Reba re-run and saw that the red-headed actress who plays the younger daughter was clearly emaciated, and so I started searching to confirm my suspicions. But then I just started searching for pictures of other celebrities with supposed eating disorders...mostly as thinspiration, if I'm completely honest.

Anyway, I'm glad to have stumbled across this website and I've definitely bookmarked it.