Thursday, December 21, 2006

Diet Coke

21-year-old Miss USA Tara Conner recently faced the ultimate boardroom challenge--appear before Mr. Trump with the possibility of losing her pageant crown. It seems Ms. Conner has been suspected of alcohol and drug (primarily cocaine) abuse. The verdict? She earned herself a rehab stint but gets to keep her crown.

Just because you test positive for cocaine means you can't be a role model for young girls? Not true (see Kate Moss, Nicole Ritchie, etc.). And, if we're really going to start cracking down on model/celebrity cocaine use, we'll be left with a decimated roster of American royalty--those who remain will likely be a tad more "big-boned" than models past.

So, in keeping Ms. Conner aboard, Trump accomplished quite a bit--he preserved our celebrity culture, reinforced the notion that it's important to do whatever it takes to stay thin (quite discrepant from the idea of substance use in sports), and provided us the opportunity to witness Conner's heartwarming metamorphosis from MADD spokesperson/party girl to recovering addict, reforming her ways and rising above the chaos to bring us all, of course, world peace.


Beth said...

You're right, he weaseled his way out of it. How convenient that he refused to address any cocaine accusations. I'm sure he didn't want a drug scandal admittedly to be seen as a direct result of HIS pageant. Maybe the Miss USA pageant circuit could be classed up a bit if it had a new owner. He was also very critical of his wife post pregnancy in her loss of the last 4 pounds....
Was Nicole Richie even associated with cocaine in her arrest? I don't think so! Marijuana (yes, tacky) and a perscription painkiller, but not cocaine to "keep the weight off." In fact, when she was busted for coke a few years ago, she weighed quite a bit more if I recall correctly.
Nevertheless, I hope this Tara girl gets SOME drug rehabilitation at the center and learns to use her common sense when it comes to drinking. Are Miss USA's actual role models anyway? Isn't it the Miss Americas who are actively pursuing their education??

lisa jane said...

she's a joke,he's a joke or maybe its not even funny,just sad.It makes me glad to be australian,lucky the whole pageant business hasnt quite caught on here.

drstaceyny said...

beth--Nicole reportedly had used Vicodin and marijuana, though has been reported to have used cocaine in the past. The story I've read from her account is that she gained weight post-rehab.

lj--it is sad. Thanks for reading.