Monday, December 11, 2006

Size Ate

Size Ate is a one-woman show that captures playwright/actress Margaux Laskey's struggle with eating and body-image concerns. I stumbled upon the show last year and was immediately struck by the sincerity of her story and performance. I contacted Ms. Laskey after seeing Size Ate and talk of professional collaboration ensued. Here is Ms. Laskey's promotional video for Size Ate:

Not too long ago, Ms. Laskey asked me to write a blurb for her promotional materials. Here it was:

I saw Size Ate twice and enjoyed it both personally and professionally. Margaux Laskey is a talented actress (and singer) who has penned a touching, autobiographical piece that is alternately funny and serious, personal, insightful, and most of all, heartfelt. While I believe Ms. Laskey’s performance would be enjoyable to any audience, I would especially encourage women who struggle with eating and body-image concerns to see this show.
It's possible that Size Ate may go on tour--for now, the greater possibility is another NYC run. If so, I invite you all to come join me in New York for some hot chocolate and a healthy dose of introspective theater.


PalmTreeChick said...

I was also lucky enough to catch Margaux's show last year. It was amazing! Like you said, it was funny, among other things. It made me think, feel sad and laugh.

Margaux is unbelievable talented and I am grateful for her ability and willingness to share her story with us.

I'll join ya for the next run in NYC for a healthy dose of introspective theatre, but I think I'll have to pass on the hot chocolate. ;)

Beth said...

That clip was wonderful! That is probably one of the only healthy messages I've seen relating to body issues that has come across as not being preachy, actually entertaining. Just seeing that clip does make me sad. I wish a show like hers could be taken throughout high schools before those crazy problems escalate. I needed to be reminded of how petty and limited it is to be completely focused on having a tiny figure. Thanks for that clip. It really made a difference in my day!

littlem said...

You know, Dr. S., if I'm not mistaken, I think it was actually Margaux's site that sent me here. So that proves that your mutual cross-promotion is working.

I'm with PTC - for those of us with "alternative metaboli", will there be a selection of beverages? :D

PalmTreeChick said...

I'll have decaf green tea, littlem. How about you? ;)

littlem said...

PTC, you're so good.

You know I'm rebellious - I want my green tea FULLY CAFFEINATED.


PalmTreeChick said...

Ha ha! I have three sips of caffienated green tea first thing in the morning before I work out so my heart rate gets pumping. Not really sure what 3 sips does. :)

drstaceyny said...

ptc--ok, I'll settle for one out of two!

beth--you're welcome--glad you enjoyed.

lm--hmm. . . the mutual admiration society at its best! Love the "alternative metaboli" phrase. : )