Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Mutual Admiration Society

A couple of days ago, I received an email from Leslie Goldman, author of The Locker Room Diaries (check out my side bar for the Amazon link). Goldman was writing to compliment me on this site and my writing and to suggest that we somehow collaborate in the future. Wait--the woman, whose book rests proudly among my other e.d. reads, was contacting me, saying she liked MY writing?


So, stay tuned for some type of LRD/EWHAED venture. In the meantime, check out Goldman's iVillage blog. Her writing's funny, poignant, and EWHAED approved!


PalmTreeChick said...

well, you're writing is quite enjoyable to read, and informable at that!

Leslie said...

You ARE fantastic, Dr. Stacey! (I told you I visit your site all the time :-) Thanks for writing this and yes, I'm really excited about collaborating. Maybe my friends can become your friends amd vice versa and then our voices can be heard even louder!

Anonymous said...

I went to that site and was surprised- is it really EWHAED approved? Lots of talk about diet foods, low fat, calories etc.
Or maybe I am missing a tongue-in-cheek milieu?

Emily Jolie said...

Thanks for introducing me to Leslie's blog, Dr. Stace. I started reading some of the entries and quite enjoy it. I especially enjoy that the personal snippets thrown into the mix. (What can I say, I always love when people get personal!)

And I'm not at all surprised Leslie liked your writing! Glad the two of you found each other!



ms. em said...

That's wonderful!

Terra said...

that book is on my to buy list...i'll have to pick it up tomorrow, i think.

just stumbled upon your site and i'm a fan already - excellent writing, IMHO.