Friday, August 03, 2007

A Word from a Reader*

Hello Dr. Stacey,

I just wanted to write you as I just finished reading your entire blog. It really spoke to me. I have experienced problems with eating for years now, since the age of nine when a family member poked my belly and made fun of my tiny fat rolls. Though it could be blamed on normal changes that happen when a girl goes through puberty, ever since then I have felt uncomfortable in my skin, and I'm 27 now.

I have taken diet pills, been on countless diets, and even flirted with anorexia a time or two. Unfortunately, though I have lost weight in the past, I always return to my comfort of compulsively overeating, and I go back into what I don't want to be. I currently weigh the most I ever have, and I am so tired. I am tired of feeling 'less than' because of my own insecurities tied to a physical characteristic. I am tired of feeling worried for my health and sanity because I don't know how to treat myself with respect. I am tired of hiding this part of myself from others who don't know me well. It's exhausting, and not respectful As a student of psychology (almost finished with my bachelor's degree), I have done a lot of introspection regarding myself and my eating issues. I am ready to finish what I have started, and I want to love myself for the awesome person I am. The only problem is, I don't even know where to begin. I have read quite a few books regarding the subject of compulsive overeating, including all the ones written by Geneen Roth. I have identified with what she has written, but I still don't know how to take what she is offering and run with it.

I hope that you are able to continue your book-writing aspirations. I think you will make a wonderful author, and have a lot to offer the ED community. Like I said, I got so much out of your blog, I read the entire thing in one go. Thank you for writing it and for allowing others to share their experiences with you. Thank you for reading what I have written here - it means a lot to know that I have shared this with someone who is attempting to help. It is hard to find people who understand what I go through on a daily basis, hence this long, rambling e-mail.

Thank you again.

*I post this with permission from the writer, with the idea that others might identify with her story.


Sarah said...

I related a lot. Thanks for posting this, Dr. Stacey. I think that we all have different stories, different experiences, but we are the same at the core.

Rosalie said...

This reader has eloquently expressed my appreciation of your efforts that I'm sure many of your readers harbor. I've just been too timid to come forth myself!

I can't wait to read your book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Reader,

I too had difficulty applying what I had read. I also had read all of Geenen Roth's books, even attended a seminar of hers and STILL couldn't 'get' what I read INto my life. And I did manage to 'eat what I wanted' which of course = weight gain. Grrr!

However, I have come to find that the reason I couldn't 'get' these things was that I was trying to do them 'alone' and lets face it - with the same old me and my old habits too. What I did different this time was to find support - in my case, online groups, that have helped me to 1) break thru internal restraints by seeing that I am NOT the only or bad one for being as I am. 2) gained insight into how others have changed for the better & 3) been able to alter MY habits and thinking by allowing myself to change, even very slowly, and in a way more positive than I imagined I would achieve.

I hope you can find what works for you too. :)

Chelsea said...

Again, I also owe many thanks to you Dr. Stacey.
I found this website during a year-long stint with anorexia, while i was looking up thinspiration.
Your blog was the turning point, truely, for my life.

Through this blog I realised how petty I was being for only loving myself based on what size of pants I could squeaze into daily.

I've been 'sober' from my ED for a year now, and I have emerged a happy and free person.
Sure some weight crept on, but I found that I like exercising, and just eating normally.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They have been lifechanging and maybe lifesaving for me.

nutterbug said...

I had a similar experience soon after I had my first period. My mum said to me one day "Gee, you're getting tubby" and despite me knowing NOW that it was because I'd just hit puberty, her comment still rings through my head everyday. It is amazing how this kind of thing sticks with you.

PalmTreeChick said...

It's great to see how inspiring and helpful your blog is for so many people.

Zmama said...

I related to so much of that. Thank you for sharing it.