Friday, August 31, 2007

Size Happy

Margaux Laskey, of Size Ate, posted yesterday about a recent weight gain. For those of you unfamiliar with her, check out this post, which features clips and commentary from her one-woman show.

You can read her thoroughly insightful and enlightening post here.

The upshot?

She's gained some weight.

She's happy.

And she's one of the best writing bloggers I know.


PalmTreeChick said...

I read that post yesterday. I loved it. I haven't commented on it though.

cggirl said...

Yes that post was amazing.

Ok sorry to jump topc here but just had to roll my eyes at this:

Yes. Protein water.

From the same people who brought us the genius plan of REPLACING TWO MEALS A DAY WITH a FRIGGIN BOWL of CEREAL. As if losing weight that way is in any way a reflection of the quality of the cereal. That's just friggin unbalanced malnutition.

Gee maybe if u drink the "protein water" with it it's balanced again.

(What is with this obsession with protein? Are people aware that of all the food groups that's one amaericans regualarly get WAY MORE than they need of?)

End of rant.

cggirl said...

(oh dear. i really can spell better than that, i was just enthusiastic.)

Ah in their defense i made it sound like u only got one bowl of cereal a day on their plan. In fact, u get two, one for each meal u TOTALLY SKIP. i bet it's an itty bitty bowl too. Sounds super healthy, ya. As natural as protein water.

sue said...

Anything to sell their products ... if a company believes most potential buyers of their product want to lose weight, the company will promise weight loss for buyers of their product ... if they think most buyers want to be healthier, they will promise improved health from their products. How much nutritional information really comes from advertising campaigns from big food manufacturers? A LOT!

Secrets of Every Day Girls said...

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