Friday, June 30, 2006

Her Lovely Lady Lumps (yes, guilty as charged) recently posted pictures of Mena Suvari, snapped while she purchased gas for her car, in a feature entitled, “Mena’s Got Back.”

True, Mena’s still thinner than most American women (much thinner), but I am struck that in a town full of ultra-thin, bony celebrities, she’s held onto her rear. What I was most interested in, though, were readers’ comments—would we bash this starlet for not being stick-thin, or would we appreciate her subtle, feminine curves? Yes, a couple of comments were less than flattering (why, I ask, if you’re a woman, do you feel the need to comment negatively on her breasts or her face?) and others were overtly sexual/somewhat offensive, but the majority looked something like this:

“She looks great!”
“That is one nice ass!”
“Thank you Mena, for not following the latest Anorexic trend.”
“I never knew she had such a nice body, I must say I'm a little envious.”
“She looks AMAZING!!!”
“Most men love a little junk-in-the-trunk.”

Is this true? It seems, to me, at least, that men (and women, too, when discussing lesbian sex) would rather have sex with a body that is curvy and lush than one that is over-exercised, bony, or stick-thin. Women may chase after the Nicole-Richie ideal, but is this really what’s attractive to men?

Research has consistently illustrated that across cultures, men prefer one feature of a woman’s body over all others—that her waist-to-hip ratio hovers at .7. This means that the circumference of her waist measures approximately 70% the circumference of her hips. Now, before you take your tape measure out. . . think about all the medical and lifestyle contortions we undergo in order to appeal to men—breast implants, liposuction, excessive exercise, starvation diets, when, in reality, most of what it comes down to is that 70%.

It seems that this ratio is indicative of fertility, which is why, in an evolutionary sense, it’s so appealing to men. Other features of appearance that have shown to be universally appealing? Clear skin; large, white teeth; symmetrical features; thick, healthy hair; erect posture; and an upright gait. No research suggests that protruding clavicles, sternums, ribs, or hips are evenly remotely sexually attractive to men, unless, because of their own psychology, they’re looking for a little girl.


PalmTreeChick said...

Funny, everything you said in the last sentence is what I strive for and everything you said in the second to last sentence is what I have, minus LARGE teeth. Ha ha. I think they are perfect for my smile. :)

So, what does that mean?? I'd like to meet a nice guy and get married someday, but am I defying that but wanting my bones to stick out? hmm.

Teacher lady said...

On Tuesday night, I just discussed all of this with my class - the same information is listed in detail in chapter 7 of our text (it's about love and attraction.) There's also a great documentary shown regularly on Discovery Health called "The Anatomy of Sex" and it also gives the same information. I am reminded of a quote on about a photo of the Desperate Housewives: "This must be what hugging a bag of chicken bones feels like." Not very sexy, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice how that average looking girl attracted so many people of both sexes???? Was it her attitude and her self confidence??Did you ever notice how nobody was attracted to the pretty looking girl slumped over in the corner???

Did you ever notice that Paris Hilton is flat chested, has huge feet, a flat and ugly ass, and is tall and gawky looking when she is not posing? In her book she admits she has brown mousy hair, and brown eyes, and would never cut up her flat chest. Because she has such a healthy body image and not a "perfect" body, eyes,hair, etc.....she comes across as being beautiful. It is more in her attitude than her giraffe type look. Her sister Nicky is way prettier and more proportional but does NOT have nearly the body image or attitude Paris has. If you have attitude and confidence you look way more attactive than if you are classicaly pretty and have no confidence.

I went to college yesterday for the first time in twelve years. 12 years ago I was 22 and looked hot! Now I am 34, have two kids, don't look even close to hot, but boy do I have attitude. I strutted into my math class with my loose jeans (not tight like 12 years ago) and T-shirt. I have the attitude, I already have my degree, just taking classes for recertification. I am not looking for a mate, so don't care if you find me attractive. WELL, the hottest 22 year old (looks like Days of Our Lives Shawn Brady, real name Jason Cook) hit on me and was very dissapointed to find out I was married. 12 years ago that same boy would have never hit on me because I was self conscious, was looking for a mate, and did NOT have the attitude that I was hot, even though I was. Now an average 34 year old who is not hot is picking up way more young cuties than I ever had back then...... Something to ponder..... What's more attractive? Attitude and self confidence or looks? Allisonsky

Haley-O said...

at, commenters and the host were picking on Eva Longoria's "cottage cheese" butt. Here's the link:
Very sad. Because omigosh she's tiny!

Esperanza Molinar said...

I really like your post. You write so intelligently:) I am writing my MA thesis on treatment of EDs. I look forward to more of you blogging.

Joyce said...

I have concluded that my own desire to be thin has more to do with a sense of power and control than it does to be attractive to men. In fact, I would feel afraid if men find me attractive (ironically, they do, much in the way that anonymous describes) When I become evaluative, I wonder if "thin" for me provides some sort of protection- you can't criticize/hurt me- I've got this "thin" thing down pat. Ironically, I haven't been pencil thin for about 8 years now, and I notice my eating habits unconciously ensure that it remains so. The human mind is a mystery.

Shakti said...

Well, Paris Hilton looks like a mosquito.

drstaceyny said...

tl--that's so interesting that you get to teach this stuff!

Haley--it seems that now, even the tiniest women get skewered. Ouch!

joyce--have heard it go both ways (being thin and being fat as "protective").