Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More on Kirstie Alley

Ms. Alley recently revealed that her weight loss has helped her to become a better mother. If, in fact you’ve been questioning your parenting skills, clearly you just need to drop some pounds. To celebrate her weight loss, Ms. Alley intends to visit the Oprah show. . . in a bikini.

I’m saddened that Oprah, who’s obviously struggled with her own body image issues over the years, is choosing to showcase Ms. Alley in this fashion. Although, I guess I shouldn’t expect any different from a woman who, several months ago, aired a show revealing even young children’s body image concerns, interspersed with commercials for Jenny Craig, L.A. Weight Loss, and Ritz 100-Calorie Snacks. I wrote the show (via web site) about the mixed messages, but received no response. Now that I think about it, I’m sure Ms. Alley’s Oprah visit is simply Jenny Craig’s idea of creative product placement.

Should Ms. Alley visit the Oprah show to talk about her next project? Sure! Might she visit to reveal how losing weight has helped her to feel healthier and get less winded when playing with her children? Of course! But, why are these two women colluding to further the notion that the superficial features of a woman’s weight loss are the most important aspects of her being? Ms. Alley should have worn a bikini on the Oprah show at her heaviest weight. Now, that would have been respectable.

In a recent issue of People magazine, Alley indicates, “I'm not emphasizing 'Thin is good.' I'm trying to teach my kids that you can't judge yourself on what other people think and that getting into a size 2 Chanel skirt isn't the be-all-end-all of life."

Of course it’s not. Wearing a bikini on national television is.


Penrick said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Oprah's shows are constantly letting girls and women know we are not on display - we are people. All the other shows are about wearing the right clothes, putting on make up and getting hair cuts to make us look thinner, younger and more appealing.

I guess we all look great as long as we look right. Huh!?

I think I will bring up this topic on my web site. Thanks

Fat Pants said...

Ms. Alley is putting herself in a difficult position. If she gains the weight back Oprah will have her back on a do a James Fry number on her. "creative product placement"=too funny!

Teacher lady said...

You know, I hadn't heard about this yet, but you make an excellent point. Oprah should know better. Maybe Oprah's getting free Jenny Craig food as part of the deal. After all, that stuff's expensive!

drstaceyny said...

penrick--Oprah gives mixed messages, I think. One show will focus on empowering women/girls (building self-esteem) and the next will feature the latest diet/fitness program or products to help you feel better abt yourself (and if you're lucky enough to be in the audience that day, you get them for free!) Thanks for stopping by.

fp--uh-oh, not another Frey episode--that was so uncomfortable.

tl--I'm sure there's some type of deal. I've heard JC food is v. expensive (much easier when you're a celebrity!)

apprentice said...

More fool Kirstie and Oprah. I like Kirstie as an actress, but I can't abide all the personal insight stuff. Sounds like someone is trying to revive a flagging career and stomach muscles.

BTW I probably explode your contention that all women have issues about weight. I don't, I'm a small,fit 50 year old who only eats when she's hungry. The only time I put on weight was during treatment for cancer, when I had to take steroids to counteract the chemo.

drstaceyny said...

Apprentice (i.e., "The One")--I knew that if I blogged long enough I'd find you!

In all seriousness, congratulations on not being affected by this pandemnic. Congratulations for making it thru cancer treatments (chemo and steroids seems awful), and I hope that you're now in good health. I read your cancerchronicle blog and really enjoyed your writing.