Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cellulite, It Is

Ever think about liposuction? It’s amazing to me how many beautiful women have. I’ve always countered their thoughts by reciting to them the side effect that stings most—that liposuction, followed by any degree of weight gain, results in the weight traveling to heretofore unconquered regions—your back, your knees, your face. The fat will not return to your hips, your stomach, your thighs, but it will go somewhere, possibly somewhere even less acceptable to you than the biologically and evolutionarily intelligent places it started out.

I’ll choose an hourglass shape over a distorted one, any day. As a woman, your fat belongs where it is, not as an accessory to your ulna.

And then, I came across http://www.liposuction.com/, which lists the following adverse side effects, also associated with the procedure.

-Pulmonary thromboembolism (a blood clot in the lung)
-Intra-Abdominal Perforation with Visceral Injury
-Hematoma or Seroma
-Nerve Damage
-Swelling or Edema
-Skin Necrosis
-Pulmonary Edema
-Adverse Drug Reactions (Toxicity or Allergic Reactions)

And people are still signing up? Granted these side effects are relatively rare, but in a world where Olivia Goldsmith (author of The First Wives Club) lost her life during a routine face lift two years ago, the irony of the price for beauty is not lost, no more than the potential for gaining weight following an hour with the wand.


Haley-O said...

that's crazy. the lengths people go to these days for the sake of "beauty" (in quotes because it's just a citation--nothing real...just another deadly social construct).

I really like the concept behind this site. It's so true. "Woman" and "Eating Disorder" are practically synonymous....

Off I go to a "nutritionist" to get counselling on post-pregnancy weight loss. I am not immune!

PalmTreeChick said...

Comedien Kathy Griffin almost died from lipo.

ps22 said...

Another sad thing is that it seems like most people who do this sort of stuff have never bothered trying to get healthy the old-fashioned way (exercise and eating well). Everyone wants a quick fix.

PalmTreeChick said...

Exactly!! The pills, surgery, creams, belts that claim to make you skinny.

How about exercising and eating right!?

Not that I haven't tried the pills, but whatever.

allisonsky said...

Hi Dr. Stacey,
I have commented on another one of your posts, about post-pregnancy.... Unfortunately after you have a baby you may never look the same way again, without a tummy -tuck and lipo. It has been a constant struggle for me after my two babies. I always look like I am 3 months pregnant no matter how skinny I get. I want to purge when I see myself in a bathing suit (haha). No one tells you that your tummy will sag lower and lower the skinnier you get. Many of my friends have had the tummy tuck and lipo and feel much better about themselves. I have been to a number of MD's and they have told me straight out "it does not matter how much exercise, good diet, or weight loss I have, I will NOT be able to fix the problem...."If it weren't for my two children, and husband, I would go under the knife in two seconds flat! It is the fear that one of those things that you mentioned would happen to me that I don't do it.... Any other mother's feel the same way out there????? The pressure to be a HOT MOMMA in this country is intense!

Manisha Kailesh said...

Well old way of liposuction is nearly dead, now its done through a risk free painless way, laser liposuction