Monday, May 15, 2006



Maybe at first, but imagine its comrades: A smiling, well-rested woman, wearing, “I Beat Depression,” or a healthy-weight male, with infection-free skin, wearing, “I Beat H.I.V.”

Not to mention that this man may (or may not) suffer from one or more other conditions related to obesity and may (or may not) have an eating disorder of his own.

Anorexia is a disease. And that’s not so funny.


ps22 said...

Interesting point, I hadn't thought of it that way (if it read something like "I beat HIV"). And you're right, anorexia is a disease that is not funny. What also makes me sad about this picture is the whole use of humor. Now I agree that there are healthy-sized people out there who are unfairly characterized as overweight. But this man likely has eating issues of his own and appears to be obese. But he's funny and laughs at himself, and people like to laugh with the funny fat guy (check out the dude who joined him for the 'funny' pic). So few people are likely to ask him about his eating issues, or get him help for the disease that is likely to take his life.

PalmTreeChick said...

Yeah, can you say heart attack waiting to happen. Not to mention diabetes and the strain he puts on his joints everyday.

It's great that he "appears" to be comfortable with himself, I just hope he worries about his health and what's going on inside that body of his.

(obviously it's just a picture so we don't know anything about the man or his health. I was just stating my thoughts.)

Lindsey said...

Not to mention the fact that, seeing that message on such a large person can further the anorectic belief that if they "beat" anorexia they will get fat.