Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dating, Anyone?

I came across the following ads posted recently on craigslist:

Bachelor #1:
Hi, I'm kind of on the thinner side so I like thin or small girls. I'm not small though, well, around 5'10 so not that tall either. Anyway, this site seems to be flooded with fuller figured women and that's great for some people I guess. It's just a preference thing, that's all. I have many nice and really sweet larger friends.

Got it—just like my best friend is Jewish.

Bachelor #2:
I would like to rest my blue eyes on a long-haired, shorter woman (maybe around 5'0 to 5'5 -- I'm at least 5'10) with curvy features. By "curvy features," I do not mean "fat." I am talking about slim waists contrasted by curves up top and down below. Skin and eye and hair color doesn't matter. I'm kind of ridiculously awesome if you like "sweet-with-an-edge" guys who have intelligent and funny things to say. My "edge" comes in the form of sarcasm and creative expression, not domestic abuse. I have, like, zero arrests for that!

Thank God he has "like zero arrests.” Anything in that neighborhood is fine. And who would even think to mention “domestic abuse”?

And then, Bachelor #3:
Some guys like women with curves and a little meat on their bones! I happen to like women on the anorexic side, extremely thin & dainty. :) I'm a nice guy - tall 6'4", athletic and successful. If you fit this profile, please drop me a line thanks!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Behind every man seeking anorexic bliss is someone alarmingly insecure. In selecting a frail, fragile, disappearing girl, he’s hoping to overpower/overcome/outweigh, while, at the same time, impressing the crowds by selecting the model ideal. Is this really someone you'd want to date?


PalmTreeChick said...

I can't believe that guy even said that. Not the guy I would want to date, although, he'd probably help me get down to 92 pounds, which wouldn't be too bad.

margrocks said...

terrifying, terrifying, terrifying...

Teacher lady said...

OMG - except for the 6'4" thing, he sounds alarmingly like my ex-husband. The ex-husband who used to say to me (when I was a Size 4 and struggling with depression and toying with the idea of suicide), "No man wants a fat wife," and "You want to get fat? Fine, get fat and I'll have an affair. THEN will you be happy?" Men who specify their preference for "thin women" make me really, really nervous. If only I'd had that reaction BEFORE I met and married husband #1.

drstaceyny said...

Glad you let that one get away!

Kelly said...

That he actually used the word "anorexic" to describe his ideal is horrifying.

jd said...

all of you freakin relax. I am a normal guy and i prefer skinny girls. end of story. it is what excites me sexually and stimulates me visually. heaviest girl i have ever dated-400 lbs. skinniest girl i have ever dated-104 lbs. me-5'11, 195 lbs.