Monday, May 22, 2006

Marketing 101

I’m shopping in Sephora, and a product on the top shelf catches my eye: “Fat Girl Slim.”

The byline advertises: “This lean, mean circulation stimulating, slimming cream with caffeine and QuSomes (a proprietory delivery enahncer that helps penetration) helps smooth the skin as it firms, trims, tones, and energizes.”

I’m glad they defined QuSomes.

Hmm. Should I get some? Alleged benefits aside, to buy it would be admitting to the Sephora staff, myself, and anyone who visited my home that I could be, according to someone (if even myself), fat. I get the concept, but I still think it’s poor marketing. Even Dexatrim isn’t calling people fat. But then again, maybe this is business genius—if a product can make a woman feel ugly, insecure, and lacking (i.e., accomplish the work of most diet plans, fashion magazines, and the entire spring line of Abercrombie and Fitch), it’s sure to sell.


margrocks said...
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margrocks said...

yes! i saw this just before mother's day, and there was a little tag attached that said, "happy mother's day!" as IF any woman (or man for that matter) would buy that for their mother or mother of their children. excepting, of course, that they actually *wanted* to be disowned or divorced.

ps22 said...

I totally saw that product too. I'm so glad you mentioned it. Absolutely sickening. A person may not have been stupid enough to give it to their mom for mother's day, but you can bet that some narcissistic, deranged woman out there bought it for her daughter.

drstaceyny said...

Nice, ps. Nice. ; )