Monday, May 08, 2006

Resume: New Hire

A recent study conducted for Fitness magazine revealed that of 1007 men and women, over 50% would rather lose their jobs than gain weight.

Specifically, 58% of women and 54% of men would rather be let go than gain 75 pounds. Maybe over-optimistically, I find some small degree of comfort in the 75-pound margin. That’s a pretty major weight gain, not just five or ten pounds, and maybe we’re all looking for a reason for career change/advancement. I’m also comforted by the fact that men and women were roughly equally likely to opt for unemployment over added weight.

But, some other statistics concerned me. More than 25% of the women polled would rather have their wisdom teeth extracted than go shopping for bathing suits. Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?? And, 25% of women and 20% of men indicated they’d sacrifice 20 IQ points for the perfect body.

20 IQ points. . . Assuming we have an “average” IQ (that’s 100, according to the bell curve), we’d rather drop to an 80, on the cusp of low-average/borderline intellectual functioning, than settle for a less than perfect figure.

That’s a pretty significant drop.

But, in a world where pretty girls are attended to more in school and attractive (read: thin) women are hired more often than their less attractive counterparts, maybe it’s not such a sacrifice after all. Getting fired may be a small price to pay for universal acceptance, and since finding a new job is more a function of the size of your frame than the weight of your brain, this might be the most intelligent career decision, yet.

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ps22 said...

Its so true. We don't even realize how differently we perceive all people based on looks, and attribute positive attributes to "better-looking" people. I know I have done it before.