Friday, May 05, 2006

Ballerina Girl

Nicole Richie: “I’m Too Thin”

There, she said it.

But to trace her weight-loss over the past year or so, it become clear that collectively, we egged her on. Richie’s diminishing body became a product that has sold her fashion endorsements, a book contract, and more attention and speculation than she’d ever gotten before. As a culture, it’s almost as if we chant, “Thinner, thinner, thinner, thinner!” until, “Oops—too thin.” Because when someone becomes anorexic, that’s where we draw the line.

So, “You can never be too rich or too thin,” has an addendum. “Be as thin as you can, but don’t be anorexic.” This applies to stars and ourselves.

Still, the messages are mixed. Star magazine recently informed us, “Skinny jeans look best on the super-svelte like Nicole Richie, 24.”

In June’s issue of Vanity Fair, Richie reveals: "I know I'm too thin right now, so I wouldn't want any young girl looking at me and saying, 'That's what I want to look like.' "

But they do. And so do we, because we’re told, that’s how skinny jeans look best.


PalmTreeChick said...

Funny, I was channel surfing the other day and came across Nicole and Paris' show "The Simple Life." Nicole was much "fatter" in the show. I thought to myself, "she looks much better now." Okay, so you're probably gasping and shaking your head. Maybe she's a little too thin. In my (sick) mind she would be perfect with 5 lbs on her. Then I'd want to look like her.

Anyway, I love your blog. I'll be posting a lot, I'm sure.

JennyinJa said...

And now we're confronted with more difficult questions that I'm sure Vanity Fair doesn't really want to get into. Explaining that anorexic is about a need for control, and not just about the number on the scale may be a little too much for them.

Besides, who are we to declare Nicole Richie or anyone else "anorexic" unless we have a PhD and evaluate her in person?

Maybe she was just doing a lot of heroin! [insert snarky laugh here]

ps22 said...

I hate to admit it, but I caught a bit of a "Simple Life" re-run the other day and also thought that Nicole Richie didn't look so good. But I think it was because she was dressed like a skank with 8 pounds of makeup on. Maybe she should have classed up her image back then, without losing the weight. But I think jennyinja is right, we don't know the whole story. She does have a drug history.

On a side note, "jennyinja" - is that short for something? Like "jenny in jail"....just curious

Teacher lady said...

I get Vogue and Harper's Bazaar (thank God both of my subscriptions run out soon) and so I was "alerted" to the skinny jeans thing months ago. I will not be wearing them. But you can bet they will inspire a whole bunch of members to join "Team Anorexia."

Anonymous said...

unfortunately for most people, or for me at least, anorexia....or an eating disorder doesn't start by wanting to be thin or wanting to look like the stars do.

It simply started out being the one thing that i could control in my life and now it has morphed into yet one more thing beyond my control and yes, a race to lose the weight, never satisfied, never happy, always fat. I wish it wasn't this way....but i don't suppose there is anything i can do about it.

just wanted to say that i like your site and think you have the right idea....most people think these thoughts....but control is a big issue too. Wanted to throw that out there.